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Portrait of Theodore Thomas (1870s?) (A)

Portrait of Theodore Thomas (1870s?) (A)

Central Park Garden's fame and success was thanks to the efforts of Theodore Thomas (October 11, 1835 – January 4, 1905), who assembled and trained the first American Symphonic Orchestra. The orchestra was regarded by the New York Times in 1872 as “the most proficient orchestra in the country."

From its opening in 1868 until 1875, Thomas and his orchestra performed 1,127 concerts. Thomas is credited with attracting not just New York's cultural elite to the theater, but with engaging larger segments of the city's one-million strong population with classical music.

When he died in 1905, the New York Times had this to say:

"It is hard to estimate the debt that this country owes to THEODORE THOMAS. It is the debt of a pupil to a teacher; or it is the debt of a people led out of a wilderness to the prophet who has shown them a sight of the promised land. To Mr. THOMAS more than to any other single force is due the present state of musical culture in this country."
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