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1515 47th Street,

borough park

From the mid 17th Century through the end of the 19th Century, the land on which 1515 47th Street now stands was owned by the prestigious Lott Family.

From the Guide to the Lott Family:

The presence of the Lott family in Brooklyn extends back to 1652, when Peter Lott, a French Huguenot, emigrated from the Netherlands and settled in the town of Flatbush in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. Flatbush would later become part of Kings County (now the borough of Brooklyn) in 1664 after the British took control of New Amsterdam, renamed it New York, and Anglicized its place names. Several of Peter Lott's descendants were prominent citizens of Kings County who held influential public office positions at the local and state levels.

This collection chiefly relates to members of the second through eighth generations of the Lott family, beginning with Engelbart Lott (1654-1730), son of Peter, who was married to Cornelia De La Noy and resided for a time in New Castle, PA before returning to settle permanently in Flatbush. Engelbart and Cornelia had several children, including Abraham Lott (1684-1754), who was married to Catherine Hegeman (1691-1741) and became owner of the family farm after his father's death. Abraham was also elected a Representative of Kings County in the Colonial Legislature of New York.

Abraham's grandson, Jeremiah (a photo of his home is below), was a politician and respected surveyor of Brooklyn. His own grandson, John, was a member of the New York Supreme Court (one can also see his home, below).

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