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Outside the Venice Theater (1935)

Outside the Venice Theater (1935)

Although the theater (formerly the Central Park Riding Academy) was originally (and most famously and frequently) known as Jolson's 59th Street Theater (or the Yiddish Theater), the site again went through many transformations over a relatively short period. This list demonstrates the ever-changing nature of the building:
1921 - Jolson's 59th Street Theatre  - Named for Al Jolson, Opened October 6, 1921
1931 - Central Park Theatre - Showed films
1932 - Shakespeare Theatre  - Named for William Shakespeare, Opened November 17, 1932
1934 - Venice Theatre -  Repened November 26, 1934
1942 - Jolson's 59th Street Theatre - Named for Al Jolson, Reopened May 26, 1942
1943 - Molly Picon Theatre -  Named for Molly Picon, actress. Reopened October 2, 1942
1943 - Jolson's 59th Street Theatre - Showed foreign films
1944 - New Century Theatre - a.k.a. Century Theatre. Reopened April 8, 1944
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