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1905 - "At Mouquin's" by William Glackens

1905 - "At Mouquin's" by William Glackens

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The famous Mouquin's restaurant, at 27th/28th & Sixth, founded 1898.

"French-inspired food and vintage wine impressed New Yorkers who frequented Mouquin's restaurant [27th/28th and Sixth], depicted by William Glackens in this 1905 painting. The restaurant was as fashionable and French as Glackens's technique, which was derived from the French Impressionists' spontaneous and direct method. In the mirrored café sits Glackens's friend James Moore, a lawyer and man-about-town. He leans toward a lavishly dressed woman whose identity is unknown; she may be one of the young women with whom Moore kept frequent company and whom he called his "daughters." Another friend and Glackens's wife are reflected in the mirror.

... In the late 19th century, artists often depicted introspective figures, perhaps to convey their sense of dislocation in a rapidly changing, industrialized world." 

- From the Art Institute of Chicago
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