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Beautiful Reproductions of Your New York

Discover the lost histories of your home, your office, or your favorite New York spots. 

From original, pre-war floorplans of your building, to vintage neighborhood maps, we have access to tens of thousands of original NYC historical documents.

Let us reconnect you to your local history, so you can share it with your world.

Great for:

  • Home or Office Decor

  • Housewarming Gifts

  • Corporate Presents

  • Real Estate Incentives

  • Local Research

  • Engagement, Wedding, Baby Presents



Did you know that thousands of New York City buildings have their original floor plans on file? We have access to thousands of plans, and we'll sift 'em for yours!



Sometimes we'll also be able to find historic photographs of your building or its predecessor. These lovely photos make a wonderful complement to the floor plans.


Prefer a broader view? More community oriented? We will also locate vintage maps of your neighborhood to share with friends and family, or for your own walls.


 Types of Prints 

How It Works

Grand Opening!

We love New York. And history. And beautiful prints. And nostalgia. And archival research. So building Retro:Metro just kind of made sense.


We hope we can help you discover a piece of your own story.


Send us the address you're interested in, and we'll search the databases for any relevant documents: prints, sketches, maps, and more.

The Research Report costs $1250.


We'll share our Report with previews of the prints we found, along with a coupon for $250 to purchase reproductions of your favorite ones. We'll scan the original documents and get your copy ready for print, cleaned up and perfectly pixelled.


You select the perfect frame and mat styles for your unique reproduction, and we'll wrap it, and ship it right to you. 
Bask in historical beauty!



For $1250 we offer a full report detailing the evolution of your address. We also pay it back to you with a $250 coupon that you can use towards purchasing a framed reproduction of any one of the prints we find! Our prints are priced by size - regardless of print type, frame style, or mat design. See an example of prints and prices here.


Fill out the form to get started.

starting from $1250


 “I love New York, even though it isn’t mine,

the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house,

something, anyway, that belongs to me

because I belong to it.”


― Truman Capote

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